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About Attorney James Bogen: 20-Plus Years Of Criminal Defense Experience

I know how scary and stressful it is to face criminal charges. I have built my career around helping people fight for their rights and freedom. With 20-plus years of experience, I know how to build an effective case strategy, and I work hard to get charges dismissed, negotiate plea deals, obtain not-guilty verdicts and any other resolutions that benefit my clients.

Learn more about my legal background:

The Advantage Of A Local Lawyer With Advanced Certifications

Local to the Cincinnati area, I am well-known and respected in the area courts, both state and federal. I’m familiar with the prosecutors and judges who may be handling your case. I know how they approach different kinds of cases. I can use that knowledge to your advantage.

I am certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, the same process that law enforcement officers go through to administer these tests. That means I can readily identify when they’ve done something wrong in OVI/DUI cases.

I am also certified by the Ohio Supreme Court to defend clients in death penalty cases. Not all criminal lawyers have these credentials.

Radio Appearances

I’m a regular guest on the Bill Cunningham Show (the top-rated talk show in the region) and other programs on 700 WLW. I serve as a legal analyst, discussing high-profile cases and common legal concerns.

The Strength Of The Evidence Drives The Outcome Of The Case

I’m a firm believer that most cases come down to the evidence. That’s why I don’t cut corners in supporting my client’s cases with strong evidence. I take a thorough approach to investigating every possible source of helpful evidence, including traffic cam or security camera footage, photos, witness testimony and other details.

I take this approach in every criminal case that I handle, whether misdemeanors or felonies.

I’ll Take Your Concerns Seriously

I know that a criminal conviction can have a big impact on your life. You can rely on me to work hard on your behalf. You can also count on me to listen to you, providing answers and guidance to all of your questions and concerns. You can also count on me for advice rooted in a realistic perspective. You deserve an honest explanation of the challenges you’re facing. I won’t sugarcoat your situation with unrealistic expectations. My goal is to empower you to make informed decisions.

Learn More About How I Fight To Win

As a former division I swimmer, I bring that same winning determination to every case. I know how to stay focused under pressure and maintain a consistent drive to succeed.

To learn more about how I can put that determination to work for you, contact me, James F. Bogen, Attorney at Law, through my website. You can also call me at 513-503-7251.